martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Última acuarela de Thierry Duval. "Mise en abyme des Abbesses" 37 x 27 cm.

Original watercolor - Paris. The mise en abyme is a method to represent a work in a work of the same type, for example by embedding an image in itself. A famous example is "The Laughing Cow", it represents the image in a round of laughing cow, that cow has 2 earrings represent itself in a round image of a cow laughing, and so on until the infinit ... In this watercolor is a bit the same principle: the image shows the famous subway "Guymard" station Abbesses in Montmartre, in the panel or figure usually in terms of stations, I found more symbolic 'not penetrate the same as the famous subway "Guymard" station Abbesses in Montmartre, this process represents a graphical "Getting abyme" Metropolitan ! This mise en abyme is like a bottomless pit, the Parisian subway is one of the longest descents to access the train ... Size : 14,6 in x 10,6 in. Price on request.

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