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Técnica a la acuarela DVD – Watercolor Portrait Workshop



Watercolor Technique DVD – Watercolor Portrait Workshop

Disc One: In this tutorial Susan guides you, in great detail, through all the steps required to successfully paint a watercolor portrait. Beginning with a short animation of the painting coming to life through all the stages, we then move on to stretching paper, materials, the background, and mastering subtle skin tones. Enjoy a gallery of Susan's exquisite artwork, and view additional information and resources. This DVD you will teach you the essential techniques required to produce stunning, detailed watercolor portraits of your own.
Stretching paper Susan describes her materials
Creating a background Natural graduated skin tone secrets
Painting detail - eyesDVD Pricing for 2 DVD-Set (Shipping costs added on shopping cart)
CountryDVD Price
New ZealandNZ$69.95 (GST incl.)
All other CountriesUS$49.50
Disc Two: Continuing on from disc 1, we enhance the skin tones, create soft flowing hair, and learn how to describe the net hat and the fabric of the dress. The next all-important stage is the 'fine-tuning'. Watch as Susan brings the portrait to life with all the final touches that create a naturalistic realism. Both discs contain images which may be accessed for printing on your computer. The drawing, the reference photograph and Susan's final painting may all be printed out if you wish to follow along with this portrait study. Susan's teaching is in high demand internationally. Her DVD's offer you the opportunity to study her unique style and methods in the comfort of your own home. Disc 2 contains the reference material for this project. For your convenience, those files are also available here. See details and download-links below:
Painting detail - lips Giving life to hair
Delicate detail by ‘negative’ painting Real looking fabric textures
All-important fine-tuning

DVD Reference Images for 'Watercolor Portrait Workshop'

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